Missing Lab Results?

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If lab results received on paper, but are not in EMR, ensure that an order and/or the correct order is in the system for the result to attach to. Verify that patient info in PM system matches that which is in EMR.

Also specific to V11.1.6 and V11.1.7, when there is an Active Verify Result task and additional new results need to be verified, the new results may attach to the prior Verify Result task instead of creating a new Verify Rresult task.

    For example:  A magnesium order is placed on 9/22/10.  A verify result task is generated for the Magnesium on 9/22/10 once
the result is returned to the EHR. The result is not verified (thus the verify result task remains in the task basket) and a new
order for a Potassium is placed for the same patient on 9/24/10. 
    When the potassium results, no Verify Result task is created, instead the result attaches to the 9/22/10 VR task
with the Magnesium.

This is a known issue with Allscripts and it is recommended that clients put in an Enhancement Request to have this changed. One way of managing this issue is to mark all Verify Result tasks that are not complete as "In Progress." This then allows for an easy way to identify when a new lab results attaches to the old task as it will change the task status back to "Active".


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