MU2 e-Referrals Are you Ready?

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Webcast Details

Considerations, configuration, testing, & demo from Galen SMEs who have implemented eReferrals.

Originally aired: Friday, October 17, 2014 Presenters: Laura Gold and Tyler Yoder

Webcast Materials

e-Referrals Are you Ready? pdf


Q. On the Galen website where can we review the recording of this presentation? I would like to share this with my team.

A. The slide deck is posted above, but to view the recording, please contact our sales team at

Q. We are getting the task but not the SOC doc from other providers, so when we open the task there is nothing attached. Im wondering if it could be an issue in our configuration?

A. This could be being controlled by the Verify CED Document preference. If this preference is set to No, the incoming CED will not generate a task & require verification, & will file directly into the chart. If other types of documents are being attached & not being received, this could be an interface problem where the attachments are not making it through the interface, so yes, this sounds like it could be a configuration issue & would require some investigation.

Q. All of our messages are coming into EHR as Match Patient even though Recipient is identified. Is that how they will always come into EHR as a match patient?

A. No. The CED Match Patient task is generated when you receive a referral for a patient that is not in your system, or there is something in the incoming patient demographic info that does not match up with the corresponding patient in your system.

Q. If you unlink the referring provider dictionary entry from the TW User entry, does that impact Charge? We were told that in order for charges to cross from EHR to PM correctly, that the provider had to be linked as a referring provider.

A. This depends on how your charge interface is setup & whether it requires the referring provider info to be entered into the encounter form to flow successfully through the interface to your PM system. Insurance companies ultimately control this, because they dictate whether they will pay a claim if the referring provider info is missing from the claim. We have seen both cases with clients who always required referring provider, & other clients who did not require the referring provider to be entered & just trusted their billers/coders to catch it & enter it for those insurances that require it.

Q. As a shared Org can we still send ereferrals to other orgs and just not have it count in the reporting?

A. If you keep thw TWProvider & Referring Provider dictionaries linked, these referrals between your orgs will be considered internal & not count towards your MU reporting. If you unlink the dictionaries, or if you refer to an OUTSIDE org, there is no way to exclude the e-referrals from your MU reporting that we know of.

Q. When reading the final rule for Core Measure 15 in the Allscripts config guide, it states that "If the receiving provider already has access to the CEHRT...this transaction can be included in the denominator and numerator... But CMS rule also states that the referral must take place between providers with different billing indentities, so in our case we have providers with personal NPIs but bill under a group NPI what impact does that have on the Num/Den? We set up our providers as a sub set of providers in the Referral dictionary in order that they may qualify as external however they are still internal providers as well.

A. Coming shortly....stay tuned.

Q. Is it accurate that you need language, race and ethnicity on file prior to sending an e-referral?

A. Yes. It is also required by Core Measure 3 for MU.

Q. Can you attached unverified results if desired?

A. We have a theory, but are testing to provide you with an accurate answer. Stay tuned...

Q. Is there an easy way to obtain direct IDs for outside providers?

A. In our experience, Allscripts could not provide us with direct IDs for any of the outside providers our clients referred to, so we had to cold call every practice & ask for direct IDs, which usually took a lot of explanation or being transferred to someone else or their EHR team.

Q. How does it work when you refer to a an out of town speciality group? If they don't know which provider in the group will be seeing the patient when the referral is sent?

A. You can add an entry (Practice name) to the Referring Provider dictionary & select the "Is practice" or "Is agency" field for the entry. A practice or an agency can have a direct ID, so if your organization would like to refer to a practice instead of a specific provider at the practice, this would be the way to set it up. Then in the Receipient field of the referral order, you would search for & select the Practice name that was added to the Referring Provider dictionary.