MEDITECH Profile Standardization

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This wiki provides a broad overview of items to consider while doing a Profile Standardization.

Why Standardize?

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  • Upgrades may involve many menu changes especially for customized versions.
  • Access Provisioning may take too long for users to gain access.
  • Lack of visibility means increased workload for service desk requesting status of requests.
  • Opportunity to clean up the database.

Processes Involved in Standardization

  • Look at Source Data: ADP (employees) and FIM (contractors) - Determine who has access, identify job codes to be used.
  • Module Standardization – Some may need more categories and some may need less.
  • Secondary Access Standardization – Ensure access is setup correctly for users.
  • Create and Update Policies and Procedures – Look for outdated policies to remove and add any additional as needed.
  • Training and Education – Even if the workflow itself doesn’t change based on role, navigation may look different and offer new enhancements. Provide job aids if needed.

Benefits of Standardization

  • Visibility – Processes may be changed or added to be more proficient.
  • Process Efficiency – Fewer people/steps involved resulting in faster turnaround.
  • Audit/Compliance – More consistency.
  • Reporting/Analytics – Improved accuracy.
  • Associate Performance – Faster access.


- There are various areas or teams that need to work together to ensure a smooth transition. Collaboration is important to make sure each area is on the same page. Some of them may include:

  • Financial Analysts
  • Clinical Analysts
  • Human Resources – Data for employees/contractors
  • MEDITECH – Data owners/managers