ICD10 Diagnosis

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The ICD10 Diagnosis dictionary contains is loaded from the PM system or using SSMT. Entries are used in diagnoses or for linking problems in EHR. The data in this dictionary is used to determine if problems are billable or nonbillable in conjunction with IMO. When charging against problems in this dictionary, billing is unable to be submitted (the dx are nonbillable) if the entries were NOT loaded using SSMT.



  • Enforced - The enforced flag designates whether a dictionary item is required and cannot be changed. In most cases, this comes predefined by Allscripts and should not be selected for new entries. If an entry is enforced, it cannot be modified or inactivated.
  • Display Name- Indicates the Display Name
  • Low Age Limit-Indicates Lowest age limit
  • High Age Limit-Indicates Highest age limit
  • Sex Specific-Sex Specific-If a certain gender is specified


  • Requires injury type and date - Used for special billing, which, when checked prompts end users to enter injury type and date in conjunction with ICD10.