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The delta process is a service which is intended to reduce the effort and time it takes to deliver key clinical data updates to Touchworks EHR users as well as to assist in increase of utilization by identification (per-specialty) of the 'used' and 'under-used' areas of the system.

Clinical Data Updates

It processes updates the following key clinical data (frequency in parentheses):

  • Medication (Weekly)
  • Formulary (Monthly)
  • Drug utilization review (Quarterly)
  • Pocket library titles (Quarterly)
  • Other clinical support data (Configurable)

Process Outline

The actual process consists of a total of four tasks:

  • Day Close
    • Inactivates prescriptions past therapeutic end date.
    • Inactivates all 'Script' transmission-protocol messages with an activity exceeding a configurable duration
    • Clean-up of log files left on the system past a specified duration (duration and log file type is configurable)
  • Export - Transmit information pertaining to utilization to corporate
  • Transfer - Transfers customer orders, invoices, import & export data to and from clients.
  • Import - Processes the incoming delta files utilized in the clinical data update.

Where and When

The delta process typically runs overnight on the print server given that there is normally minimal print activity after hours.


What is updated?

  • GPI & Drug Reference Database
  • Clinical Message Database
  • Formularies Database
  • DUR Database
  • Allscripts Clinical Database (SIG & Pharmacies)


Documentation on this may be found on Allscripts Client Connect.