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Touchworks includes a Call Processing feature, which allows the user to document telephone calls received by the organization. The user can record information about the call and then route the information to the appropriate individual or team using the Touchworks tasking function.

Questions to ask that will better help build text templates used within Call Processing.

1. What are your top 10 calls that are received within the practice where Call Processing will be implemented? (ie: medical complaints)

2. For each medical complaint, what specific details does the clinical staff/provider need to know before calling the patient back to better identify the patients needs? (show example of fever text template delivered with the system)

3. For each specific question, what are the potential answers? (again refer to the text template)

Other groups have shared their text templates through the Clincal Content Library (CCL). If you do not have access to this contact your account manager at Allscripts to obtain the form you must sign to obtain access. The URL for this site is: Once you access this site you will be able to select Workflow Call Processing Templates (the last option on the drop down). You can export these to an excel spreadsheet which can then be imported using SSMT.

Build Steps

1. Review/Add/Modify the Reason for Call dictionary

2. Review/Add/Modify Task Name -> Task Action = Miscellaneous -> Set default OverDue Time by Priority -> Select Copy to Note Options (These allow some streamlining and standardization)

3. Review/Add/Modify Text Templates (Note Admin -> Manage Text Templates -> WF-Call Processing)

4. Review/Add/Modify Document Types - for Copy to Note options

5. Review/Add/Modify Relation Dictionary

6. Review/Add/Modify Telephone Type Dictionary

7. Add Show HMP Alerts on Call Process Screen if desired.