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The Base module of v11 consists of three functions:

  • Task Management - Tasking is a crucial tool within the EHR. It facilitates communication of patient clinical and billing information throughout the organization. This is setup under the Task Admin menu found in the TW Admin workspace.

There are two types of tasks: System Generated - Generated based on certain workflows and typically drop off a users task list once the action is performed.

Manually Created - Sent by one user to another user or team. These tasks must be removed manually.

  • Reporting - Monitoring business performance and aggregation of key clinical data are made possible with the reporting function of the base module.

Types of reports that are available are administrative reports and application reports.

Administrative reports give management information that can be used to monitor proper use of the application. That information can be used as a tool to monitor HIPAA compliance.

Application reports can be used to collect data related to results, immunizations, problems, prescription outputs and more.

  • Call Processing - This module allows staff to capture and document phone calls received by the organization. The user can record information about the call and then route the information to the appropriate individual or team using the Allscripts TouchWorks EHR tasking function or copy to a note.

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